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International Cat Day


There’s a special kitty holiday around the corner. August 8th is International Cat Day! Why not show your feline buddy some extra attention on her special day? A Bucks County, PA vet suggests some great ways to get Fluffy’s little motor going in this article. Toys Keeping Fluffy entertained is very important! Kitties get bored … Read More »

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Laser Declawing


As you may know, the subject of declawing cats has been very controversial over the past few decades. However, there is now a new method: laser declawing. This technique is a vast improvement over the old methods, and can allow people to declaw their pets without the drawbacks of traditional declawing. A local Bucks County, … Read More »

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Take Your Work to Your Cat Day


There’s a pretty cute—if somewhat whimsical—holiday around the corner. June 22nd is Take Your Cat To Work Day! Of course, with more people working from home than ever, many people are already taking their cats to work. Read on for some tips from a Bucks County, PA vet on working with an adorable, furry coworker … Read More »

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Foster a Pet Month


Did you know that June is Foster A Pet Month? This is a wonderful cause in any year. However, this year there are more pets in need of fostering than usual. Fostering a pet is a great way to help animals in need! If you love animals, but aren’t ready to sign on for a … Read More »

Hairballs 101


April 24th was Hairball Awareness Day! We know, hairballs aren’t really something to celebrate. They really aren’t much fun for either you or Fluffy. While it’s much more pleasant to talk about our feline friends’ odd box obsession, or their other cute quirks, hairballs are sometimes more than an unsightly mess on the floor. A … Read More »

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National Specially-Abled Pets Day


There’s a special pet holiday around the corner. May 3rd is Nationally Specially-Abled Pets Day! While we love seeing any pet getting adopted, the dogs and cats that aren’t quite perfect really could use the signal boost. Many of these specially-abled pets are in desperate need of loving homes, and want nothing more than for … Read More »

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