Our Veterinarians

Dr. Jennifer Kramer

Veterinarian, Owner

Dr. Jennifer Kramer was raised in Lower Bucks County and graduated from Pennsbury High School. Growing up with animals, she dreamed of becoming a veterinarian. At fourteen, she started working as a veterinary assistant. Dr. Kramer studied Animal Science in the pre-veterinary program at the University of Delaware. Throughout school, she always made time to work at local veterinary hospitals – not only as a means of expanding her knowledge and experience, but also because of her continuing love for the animals.

Hard-working and dedicated to learning, Dr. Kramer worked as a veterinary technician for the Animal Emergency and Critical Care Service at VSEC in Langhorne throughout vet school, gaining valuable experience caring for sick and injured patients.

After graduating from the University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine, Dr. Kramer worked in general practice, where she focused on client education and preventive care. She continued to pursue her interest in emergency medicine working as a veterinarian at the AECCS in Langhorne. This additional experience in medicine and surgery greatly enhanced her knowledge and skills. Dr. Kramer has three dogs and several cats.

Since opening Animal Hospital of Richboro in January 2002, Dr. Kramer continues to show community spirit. She offers a TNR feral cat program. The hospital finds homes for rescued cats and kittens and supports numerous animal rescue groups.

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Photo of Dr. Jennifer  Kramer

Dr. Lori Schluth

Associate Veterinarian

Dr. Lori Schluth has wanted to help others in need for as long as she can remember, and she’s always had a deep respect and adoration for pets. By the time she started working as a Veterinary Technician, she was convinced: a career spent tending to animals as a veterinarian was the perfect path for her! Dr. Schluth is proud to serve as an Associate Veterinarian with the Animal Hospital of Richboro family.

Dr. Schluth is from the Philadelphia area and attended Arcadia University in Glenside for her undergraduate degree. She then began working as a Veterinary Technician at a large private-practice and emergency hospital before beginning veterinary school at the University of Pennsylvania. Dr. Schluth graduated with her Doctorate in 2008, then headed to New York City to complete an internship.

Dr. Schluth continued on to work in a variety of emergency hospitals, local shelters, and private-practice facilities before joining the team here at the Animal Hospital of Richboro. Medically, she enjoys the challenge of diagnosing and treating emergency cases, and prides herself on helping clientele through stressful times with compassion and poise. She’s also fond of soft-tissue surgery, anesthesia work, and pain management.

At home, Dr. Schluth lives with her husband and the family dog, Max. In her time away from work, she loves to go hiking, take Max for long walks, relax on the beach, and read good books.

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Photo of Dr. Lori  Schluth

Dr. Brittany Sembler

Associate Veterinarian

Dr. Brittany Sembler was only five years old when she first decided she would become an animal doctor one day. As she advanced through grade school, she became very interested in the sciences and continued to pet-sit and care for her own animal companions at home. When it came time to decide on a career path, Dr. Sembler knew that only one choice made sense: veterinary medicine. She hasn’t looked back since!

Dr. Sembler is from Washington Crossing, Pennsylvania and attended Franklin & Marshall College to study chemistry during her undergraduate years. It was then that she began working at a local veterinary clinic to gain crucial hands-on experience that serves her well to this day. After earning her Bachelor’s degree, Dr. Sembler started working as a Veterinary Technician at a multi-doctor practice in Princeton, New Jersey, advancing her clinical skills even further.

Next, Dr. Sembler continued on to veterinary school at the University of Pennsylvania. She joined the Animal Hospital of Richboro family after graduation, and returned to Bucks County to be closer to her family and workplace – and is thrilled to now care for the pets and animal owners of the area on a daily basis! Dr. Sembler has special interests in dentistry work and dermatology, and her absolute favorite part of her job is getting to work directly with clients to make lasting improvements in their pets’ health.

In her free time, Dr. Sembler enjoys painting masquerade masks and staying active by hiking in the great outdoors. She was also a competitive rower throughout her undergraduate and graduate years, and even set up a training program for other rowers! She is engaged (her fiancé, Andrew, is a veterinarian himself) and also shares her life with two loveable cats: Beta, a domestic shorthair tuxedo whose favorite pastimes include sunbathing and snagging the occasional table scrap; and Gamma, a young and very rambunctious Siamese.

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Photo of Dr. Brittany  Sembler